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  1. Hi all,

    I want to do a bungee with synced servers (there is a lobby and 3 servers hosted on different machines so that you can play without lags, all player data like their levels, inventory, skills, completed quests etc. is the same on all 3 servers) - I know that I need to have some database knowledge, so I want to learn MongoDB. But from what I have seen on the forums, Redis also looks like a good pick - the question is, do I need to use Redis for my network, or will MongoDB be enough? What can you do with Redis?

  2. To synchronize data between servers you should use Redis pub/sub or a messages broker like RabbitMQ.
    In MongoDB, you should store a data.
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  3. Redis is a good solution which can be also be used when your BungeeCord is not longer able to support that much players.
    But I would suggest to you to use a database like MariaDB/MySQL (or MongoDB if you want) and just link every plugins that needs it.
  4. Thanks! If I used Redis, would I need a custom plugin to sync my data or could I just set it in the database?
  5. You will definitly need custom plugins made with Redis (or RedisBungee if you are using Bungeecord)
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