RedisBungee - Combine two bungee one IP (Help)

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  1. I have a two bungeecord server and connected to redisbungee. (Connection succesfuly)

    How can I get these two servers to log in on a single IP.

  2. You'd have to look at load balancers, search for round-robin
  3. That, or a load balancing IP if your host supports it. Both have their pros and cons.
  4. I don't think I understand.
  5. Basically, the plan is that when someone connects to your server using, the server will send to the client a "random" IP of one of your bungee server

    tl;dr round-robin on your DNS will make this work. You can find tutorials online
  6. I am using Cloudflare and still haven't learned how to do it. (With a little research, I learned what a loadbalancer is.)
  7. Now aside from the fact that this is a fun hobby project, are you planning to release a server? Because 1 proxy can handle a LOT of people on it's own and it's probably not worth the hassle.
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  8. Sure it can handle a lot of people, but why people may choose to use 2 proxies is not about the load.
    If you only have 1 proxy and it goes down, all of your players will get disconnected. If you have 2 proxies, you will only lose half of your players.
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  9. he's right.
    and not a test server or hobby server. I have a 200+ players. I want to use redisbunge for attack and other reasons. I still couldn't install loadbalancer ://.
  10. It is the only solution.

    The forwarding to a bungee server or another is not up to Minecraft, you have to configure it so the players connect to the right IP. This is what the load-balancing is for, you can try to contact Cloudflare to see if they have something you can afford