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  1. Hey there.

    So I'm looking to set up another proxy yet sync my proxy-wide messaging system, party system, moderation system (just the notifications of when staff ban/mute etc to other staff) and I can't figure out how to do this with the RedisBungee API.

    I mean, I can. But I'm thinking:

    HashMap for players and who they most recently messaged is stored in my bungee plugin. So when a player does /r for replying to previous message, it replies to whoever the arraylist says. However my issue is that with RedisBungee, say I have 2 proxies, the hashmaps will be different and not accessible by other bungees if two players are on separate proxies connected by RedisBungee.

    Same with party systems. How am I meant to store party data? Like who is in which party. I guess MySQL would be the best choice here?
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    You can use the PubSub functionality to reimplement the commands.
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  3. Thanks, I think I've got it.

    Another thing - not really sure if I'm right here, but I'll ask since I'm about to start using RedisBungee on my live network. I've read before about networks using RedisBungee/Redis getting 'hacked'... I mean, I guess if you have no password... but am I safe with a password and iptables blocking port 6379 or is there anything else to be aware of?

    Sorry, just trying to recall a thread I read a few months back.
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    Yes, you're safe.