Bungee - Proxy RedisMessage 1.0

Simple cross BungeeCord messaging powered by RedisBungee.

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    RedisMessage - Simple cross BungeeCord messaging powered by RedisBungee.

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  2. I have to do this: First!
  3. New thread or new update?
  4. JamesJ


    You made it free? Wai?
  5. Thanks for making this :eek: Almost exactly what I need (explained below).

    Question 1: Can you make the command different so that I can still use Essentials message system (/msg and /r)?
    This'd be greatly appreciated, as I require staff to be able to cross-server message, but normal players to only reply (and not to message). But I'd also like them to be able to message other players on the current server normally.

    Question 2: Can you implement a socialspy feature (to prevent advertisement).

    If not, could you send the SRC? :3
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  6. Hello I want to know if this plugin is for me or not

    Actually, I use Freebungeechat https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/freebungeechat.1617/
    I already have a global chat between all my server

    But the problem with this chat plugin is that in my PVP Faction server we don't see the kingdom prefix

    the kingdom autor say me :

    Well, it is still a WiP. I'm still not sure how it's overriding. Have you tried to see if the bungeecord plugin you're using supports any kind of placeholders? You can utilize MVdW placeholders or placeholderapi to manually add the kingdoms prefix in front of the name, if the chat plugin you're using supports it.

    so is your plugin support that ??

    thanks for your reply !
  7. JamesJ


    You can't use a Bukkit plugin for a BungeeCord plugin..