Redstone acting weird

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  1. I just recently installed Spigot #1091 on my SMP after being pure Vanilla to help with growing lag from the CPU. Everything's great, except some of our redstone creations are acting wacky. For instance, I have some sticky pistons extended by default, but when I exit the chunk, it seems they all retract for a couple seconds (which really screws things up) before they extend again. I can't seem to fix it.

    I switched jars back to the vanilla and the problem was gone again. I installed an old spigot jar (#1031) and the exact same problem occurred, so I know it's Spigot. No other mods are installed.

    I'm not very techy, so I don't know what else to do.

    Anyone know what the problem is/how to fix it?

  2. Hey man,

    I was very curious about this and put it on a test server to see if it was something you were doing it, or if it would be the same for the players on my server.

    I used a simple sand jumper time to see if your piston problem would be their, and I had no problem, everything seemed to work fine for me when I unloaded the chunk and came back.

  3. If it helps, the pistons in question are part of Tango Tek's Villager Trading Hall design.

    While the villagers are in the booths, the sticky pistons all retract when we leave the chunk, so the villagers get dumped, and water comes through (destroying the tripwire and redstone torch below the soul sand) at the same time from the other sticky that is supposed to keep the water from coming through.

    At first I didn't realize what exactly what happening, I'd just see the broken tripwires and torches, but now if I rush out and back in with sprint and Speed 2 beacon, I can just catch the water coming from above and fleeting, because the pistons from above as well as below all retracted by themselves and immediately extended when I got back.

    I doubt this is the only creation that's doing this, but this is the only one that actually ends up getting broken because of the loosed water, therefore the only one noticeable.

    Thanks for checking on this!
  4. Another problem we discovered - chickens are no longer laying eggs...

    Anyone know what's going on? =/
  5. Dmck2b

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    Sadly bukkit made a few changes to redstone a while back and as a result, several things including double piston extenders are buggy. Sadly there isn't a fix other than to build it a different way.
  6. I see. =/

    Thanks, Dmck2b.
  7. [​IMG]
    some reason stupid stuff like this happens with pistons and then pistons just spaz out its just my own version of this