Redstone delay

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  1. Hey!

    Does anyone know how to remove the half second delay from redstone comparators?
  2. Well you could edit the world setting so world ticks are faster, but other than that I wouldn't know.
  3. Thats not possible for us to do. Any other ideas?
  4. Just don't use redstone comparators. Use some sort of AND gate i think it's called, hit me up on PM if you need more help.
  5. Did you realize, this is the plugin development section?
    So i guess you're asking for Java development help?

    If so, you should first describe more detailed, what time exactly.
    A comparator takes 1 redstone tick = 2 server ticks = 0,1 s.
    You want to make those redstone ticks faster?
  6. Instant, not delayed anymore (I'm a friend of TS)
  7. hi there is a blockredstoneevent

    get the block from thr event if its a repeater you can so setcurrent in the event just try setting the current

    this may not if the event if triggerd after the repeater delay

    if the above does not work you could try listening for redstone wire updating get all the blocks around the wire useing the block face if say for example on the north blockface if a repeater calculate tye repeater facing direction blockdata might give you the direction and is there is redstone wire infront set the power of the redstone wire directly bypassing the the repeater. might cause lag listening for all the redstone wire updating but worth a try

    sorry i can not provide code examples phone

    also there might be a simple way that i do not know of hope this helps
  8. p.s sorry about all the miss types my phone is shit !!!