Redstone is not working on protected the area with WorldGuard plugin

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  1. Hello, Redstone is not working on protected the area with WorldGuard plugin.

    I did these:
    /rg flag spawn use allow
    /rg flag spawn pistons allow

    But is not working again!
    WorldGuard version: latest for MC 1.8.8.

    Please help me. :)
    Thank you. :)
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  3. I do not understand the solution. :(
  4. Gaxan


    Is the area within the server spawn point? If so, no buttons, levers etc will work for players within 16 blocks of the spawn. Change the protected area to 1 from 16.
    try /rg flag spawn build allow
  5. Yes, but i'm using essentials free signs.
    On protected the spawn with, free signs is not working for players.
  6. Gaxan


    Set your spawn protection size to 1 or 0 (I'm not sure if 0 works) in I think it will fix your problem. World guard will protect your builds.
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  7. no, is not working.
    Is there any other add-on like this?
  8. waiting for help. :)
  9. Gaxan


    Does the redstone work if you disable world guard?
  10. redstone is working on set the build to 'allow', but I have to set it to build deny.
  11. Gaxan


    That's your problem, do not set build to anything. No one can build in the region unless you add them to the region.
  12. on set the build to 'allow', all players is breaking the blocks! And redstone is required for players.
    Is there any other solution?
  13. WAS


    Probably one of the biggest BS changes around. Or just check instances of. They have classes for a reason WorldGuard. Distinguish.
  14. Gaxan


    Yeah, set your spawn area to adventure mode.
  15. Thanks for your comment.
    I will try.
  16. Gaxan


    /rg flag spawn game-mode adventure
  17. thanks for all! Worked.
    But the players are able to break the space with the board. Is there a way to prevent this?
  18. remake the worldguard region but dont set the build flag <3

    hope it worked!
  19. That is weird, keep trying, Im sure you would get it.
  20. I'm fixed. Thanks for you helping me.
    How to fix : I'm used the skript that blocking the break and place for players.