Reduce activation-range for Tile Entities?

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  1. Greetings,

    is there any way to reduce the activation-range of Tile Entities like chests or signs?

    I'm using entity-activation-range for Entities just fine, but i can't find an option to control range for Tile Entities.

    Seems like chest / signs / ... get activated at a distance less or equal to 64 block from player.

    I really want to lower this distance in order to reduce lag with to much tileEntity ticks.

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    This makes no sense, signs or chests aren't "activated" at all.
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  3. I think he means he wants to make it so you can only open chests if you are within a smaller amount of blocks
  4. Hm,
    if chest / signs arn't activated, why do they reqire ticks?

    I want to reduce the distance between the player and the Tile Entity before they start to tick to reduce the total amount of TileEntityTicks the server has to handle.
  5. @Belegalgar Where did you read this? Because the last time I checked Signs and Chests are blocks...
  6. That would also be awesome for furnaces.
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