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    Can you send a photo of /lag?
  2. [​IMG]

    This photo has been taken 1 minute ago. The server was also restarted after my last post. :)
  3. GeorgeHousley123


    You have 6 worlds,
    Make sure you don't have more than 50k chunks and 10k entities.
    Download clearlag and edit the spawning rate in the spigot file.
    It will help a load if the server had been running for over 6 hours.
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  4. maybe thats in the 1.5.2, now, you cant hold more than 2k without a bit/big lag, the same for chunks.
    you must divide all for 5
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  6. Shall i kill all of these entities?
  7. Give us your spigot/bukkit.yml but yes you should try things which improve the performance of entitys, exspecially zombies.
  8. Mh, you already turned down the activation settings so you just could decrease this settings:
    Code (Text):

     monsters: 70
     animals: 15
     water-animals: 5
     ambient: 15
    Maybe your hardware is too weak for your server, which hardware/host do you use?
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  9. I use this hardware and Debian 7.5 Thanks for trying to help me!:)
  10. I don't see anything which links to your hardware or am I just blind?