Suggestion Reduce the delay of commenting on "Services and Recruitment" threads

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Skurp, May 12, 2015.

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  1. Hi, I'm Skurp. A developer that rambles around Spigot posting resources and such.

    Personally, I believe the delay of posting on "services and recruitment" threads is pretty intense.
    I believe that it should be reduced to the amount of days that private-messages are.

    Their are most developers out there trying to seek a living and opportunity to show off his skills.
    I'd hate to be delayed for that.

    Yes, I understand this is not as long as most of these threads, and I have things to do. So, Please take this into consideration.

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  2. Two words, have patience.
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  3. saphiria


    I get annoyed when I'm PMing multiple people and I have to wait 8 seconds, then after 8 seconds it still says wait 4 seconds.... It can be annoying but it has a perpose.
  4. This isn't a place for people to scour for work only; if that's your goal then please go to mc-market. Spigot is a community for which md_5 applied the necessary precautions to stop money hungry people just prowling the forums.

    The post count and free resources are there so you actually have to try integrate yourself with the rest of the people. The pm minimum requirement is really there to stop spammers (as you may have seen on some various threads).

    Patience is a virtue, and if someone isn't willing to become part of Spigot and is just anxious to make a shop and post in S&R; then they shouldn't be here at all.

    Also, I'm not completely sure on this one, but again I think it's an anti-spam precaution so bots/people can't spam 100 people's inbox in a few seconds.
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  5. Just letting you guys know, Skurp = EnumJava.
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  6. Contacting Keemstar as we speak
  7. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Locked (user banned).
    Sorry that this forum exists for reasons other than for people to make money. The priority is to get people help and support using OUR software, hence the minimum comment requirement.
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