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  1. I have seen multiple posts but nothing truly answers this:
    How can I apply physics in Minecraft

    Like I have a line of particles and when it touches a surface it is gonna bounce or reflect back

    Can it be used in my context?

    Or I need to work out with vectors, if so how am I supposed to achieve this?

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  2. TomTheDeveloper


    The answer is: Yes.

    It is all just basic vector math. If you don't have the knowledge about vectors in a 3D area, then I challenge you to learn it. You're gonna need it anyway if you want to be some kind of programming genius later ;). (Which I know you will) If you do know how basic vector math works, just give it a try and see how far you get.
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  3. Thank you for your comment; really made my day and yes I will learn Vectors soon in a systematic way