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  1. The purchased plugin bug is severe and cannot be used. Can I request a refund? I have also contacted email, Spigot, but both have no answers.
  2. You can open a dispute on paypal and say that the software you purchased is just unusable in its current state.
    But you should contact the plugin author first to get that figured out
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  3. You know, I sorta feel bad for those who pay for plugins and they end up as "InactiveResource" or not downloadable at all.
  4. already contact but no answer.
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    So you've contacted the plugin author NOT Spigot? Because your first post doesn't make that clear.
  6. already contact spigot but no answer
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    Spigot are NOT the plugin author. They do NOT provide support for plugins.
  8. mistake reply. I already contact plugin author. But no answer.
  9. Wait a few days for the developer, if he doesn't respond open a dispute and alert Spigot that the resource is dysfunctional so more copies of the resource aren't sold.
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    Spigot has no hand in managing refunds. The platform is simply a middleman service between the buyer (you) and the author. That being said, you must handle this through paypal or the seller themselves.The platform does not receive any take from sales, all transactions are inaccessible to Spigot itself.

    We are only in place to review resources to make sure they fit criteria and are within the guidelines. Action can only be taken if a resource violates guidelines or any other similar infraction is occurring.
  11. Okay. Thank you for your reply.