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  1. Hello,

    I am the owner of a fairly big server, and as such I am very worried about the EULA enforcement.
    I have some questions, that I need to have answered, before I go and change stuff to go EULA friendly.

    1) Are you allowed to sell commands such as /enderchest /tpahere, as long as they are obtainable ingame too?
    2) Are you allowed to sell kits, as long as they are obtainable ingame too?
    3) Are you allowed to sell Crate Keys with good items, as long as they are obtainable ingame too?
    4) Are you allowed to sell McMMO/jobs XP booster, as long as players can obtain it ingame too?
  2. Not any of these is allowed.
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  3. No (normal players must be able to get it the same difficulty as regular)
    same as above answer
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  4. Well that's a huge blow.
    So essentially, all you can sell is disguises, and particle effects..?
  5. Yes at the very end- but you can make it so everyone can buy them from a shop with a currency and donators can pay for currency or that currency boost xD (if the shop contains eula friendly items)
  6. On my server we have a Point Store, and points can currently be obtained through voting and by playing. These points can be spent on anything that are also available in the donation store. If I instead sold those Points on the store, that is then EULA friendly?

    Things such as WorldEdit Build Removal, Build Transfer.. Eula friendly or nah?
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  7. that will answer all of your questions and waaay more :p
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  8. You're allowed to sell crate keys so long as the rewards in them are entirely cosmetic, or if they are not (like offer items), all players online receive a key.

    You're also allowed to sell multipliers so long as they are global and all players online receive it.
  9. Thank you for the replies everyone.
  10. You can sell access. You can sell advertising space. You can accept donations.
  11. None of these are allowed. :/
  12. This hasn't been mentioned before, and not in the video either.
    Are you allowed to sell access to certain areas? Such as, donors can access special mobarenas etc.
  13. Not mob arenas but sections where the donators can't do anything then yes.

    Seperate mob arenas is an enhancement
  14. If they aren't on a separate server (server as in what the player connects to with an IP, not bungeecord sub-servers), no, you cannot charge for specific areas. (If the area gives an advantage - thanks @lookcook)
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  15. You can if the donaters can't do anything in it
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  16. Thanks for the clarification.
    They really don't allow anything, huh..
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  17. trkey


    They didn't get around anything. They aren't compliant and will get blacklisted the same as any other network would.

    This is Mojang's game. They have the right to blacklist us whether we are technically compliant or not.
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