Spigot RegenBlocks - Regenerating blocks after a set period of time! 1.2.0

Regenerate blocks after a set period of time.

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    RegenBlocks - Regenerate blocks after a set period of time.

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  2. PawPawDude


    Promising plugin! One feature not available anywhere (that works) is the ability to have a land claims filter for GriefPrevention claims, and such. The idea, when doing a rollback, only restore blocks that are not inside a player's GriefPrevention claim. Put another way, preserve the contents of claims. Could extend, then, to WorldGuard regions, etc. Thoughts?
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  3. Hi, could you add NTB Tag support? I`d like use this fuction. ;)
  4. NTB tag support? Can you give me a little bit more information?
  5. add the ability to make custom blocks using the regen option eg custom names and lore,
    add a reload command
    give command
  6. Will this have backwards compatibility?
  7. backwards compatibility in what sense?
  8. Like 1.8-1.14 versions?
  9. Im not too sure, it should have backwards compatability but if it dosnt Ill gladly fix that. Dont have the time to test it out as of right now but If you want to try it out and if it dosnt work, you can always come back here, or for a much faster reply join the discord here