Spigot Regenerator 3.5.1

Regenerator is a perpetual world plugin that supports many grief prevention plugins

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    Regenerator - Regenerator is a perpetual world plugin that supports many grief prevention plugins

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    Manual Regen now bypasses some configuration flags

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  3. Do you already know when your plugin will support the plugin Residence :)?
  4. The Residence plugin is Premium - I do not buy the plugin purely to add support (Most developers just give their plugin to me in exchange for mine).
    The residence author unfortunately never responded to my request...
  5. Alright, I will test the plugin and if I wan't to use it I will play the 10 bucks for you to get the residence support added ;)
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    Teleportation is supposed to be instant....

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    Re-release of v3.1.9 - Woops I uploaded 3.1.7!

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  8. With Epicworldregenerator plugin, this plugin does not regenerate the trees properly. Is there a way to fix that?
  9. Please explain what is happening, exactly? What EWG version are you using & What version of spigot?
    A quick note... you may find that the latest versions of EWG with Bukkit API support enabled do regenerate trees correctly.

    Regenerator uses Bukkit chunk generation and population code, which will mean that as long as EWG has registered its generators/populators with Spigot/Bukkit correctly it will work fine.

    HothGenerator, Fjord and Nordic have all been tested without issues and they do this without any changes to regenerators code.

    @minelazz Is there any chance you can weigh in here? See here for what I'm doing to actually regenerate chunks. RChunks are just abstracts, getWorld() returns a bukkit world etc. Excuse the coding style, I'm new. Tips are appreciated ;)


  10. minelazz


    Just checked out your plugin and it seems like it works. Btw, just so you do not have to worry. When the chunk is requested to be regenerated, EWG generate its own random object based on the chunk location, sort of like you do it. This means if EWG fail, it is not your fault...

    Code (Text):
        public Chunk getOrCreateChunk(int cx, final int cy) {

    Reason it might not worked;
    • A tree in EWG is placed across multiple chunks, but only one of the chunks "own" the tree. He might regenerated wrong chunk
    • Since trees are shared thru multiple chunks is their a chance that generating one tree. Lets say a big one like a jungle tree, will generate a new chunks and the chunks will again create new chunks for generating the trees. Then the plugin has created an undefined loop or in other words, a heavy lag spike.
      • Minecraft is programmed so this won't happend, but the trees in EWG is bigger than what than that, so it will happend
      • This is resolved by having a pasive watcher that will start watching the proccess one tree start generating new chunks. The watcher will terminate any new request one certain amount of trees has been generated in different chunks.
  11. @minelazz Is there a way for me to check if the chunk being regenerated contains part of the tree (or other large object you make) but is not the owner?
    I can prevent the user's ability to regenerate it... or add a requirement that ties the chunk in with the others that contain the same object... so they all regenerate at once.

    Would that solve the issue?

    I can add EWGIntegration to solve the problem completely (my preferred solution)... but it would require some playing around on your end... obfuscated code n all :)

    It would just need to be something along the lines of this... sort of....

    import EpicWorldGenerator.ChunkParser;

    public abstract class ChunkParser {

    public List<EWGObject> getEWGObjectsInChunk(Chunk c) {



    public class EWGObject {
    // Would need a list of chunks that are not the owner.
    List<Chunk> chunks;
    // Would need to be able to query the owning chunk.
    Chunk owningChunk;
    // Would need a way to differ between objects in chunks...
    UUID objectId;

    public UUID getUniqueId() {
    return this.objectId;
    public Chunk getOwningChunk() {
    return this.owningChunk;

    public Chunk getSpannedChunks() {
    return this.chunks;
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  12. Someone has potentially identified an issue with new installations of Regenerator v3.1.9, is anyone able to confirm?
  13. Hi,
    Just a question..
    For example I have a new map and installed your plugin. And comes a player, he placed/broke blocks then in several hours/minutes or days he didn't come to my server again. What does plugin do? Regenerates the area that he broke with random blocks or makes an undo to the beginning of that area how was it at the begining (it should be better).
    Why do i ask it?
    Because i have a nice map for survival (found from planetminecraft). And made dungeons spawn points with lakes and nice looking areas.
    So i want to players with Kindoms+ make claims and etc. Kingoms+ have an expire time. Normal players withouth klans brokes/places makes homes and when the leave i want the area resets to the begining.
    Is it possible..???
    Sorry for my English.
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    Crashbug fixes and RedProtect 6.6+ Support!

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  15. This is not possible. My plugin regenerates to world seed. Not to how the world was when you downloaded it.
    Sorry man!

    My plugin will regenerate chunks after they have become both unclaimed AND inactive. But unfortunately I don't support Kingdoms+ Yet!
  16. Hi,
    Autoregen is not working on 1.10. :)

    CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-c3e4052-1953f52 (MC: 1.10) (Implementing API version 1.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    Code (PHP):

    regenInterval: 600
    autoRegen: true
    manualRegen: true
    minBlockAutoRegen: 0
    maxBlockAutoRegen: 0
    Code (PHP):

    configVersion: 3.2.0
    noGriefRun: false
    minTpsRegen: 16
    defaultAutoRegen: true
    defaultManualRegen: true
    percentIntervalRuntime: 0.5
    parseInterval: 300
    numChunksPerParse: 25.0
    distanceNearbyMinimum: 16
    targetUnloadedChunks: true
    targetLoadedChunks: true
    regenerateChunksInUseByPlayers: true
    clearRegeneratedChunksOfEntities: true
    excludeEntityTypesFromRegeneration: []
    warpDriveCompatibility: false
    cacheChunksOnLoad: false
    Code (PHP):

    - __global__
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  17. Hi Mate, Have you checked the world.yml files? They are what enable autoregen on a world by world basis.

    If you want to get some proper help from me, zip up /plugins/Regenerator and provide that via something like dropbox. Include your latest.log also :)
  18. Did you read my post? :D

    The content of my world.yml is in my post.
  19. Oh, in that case, I'll need your server logs. If something is failing I need to see the error.
  20. Here are my logs: