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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by judomaster12, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hello, I've ran into a few problems recently. I've made a KingOfTheHill Event and I've set the region to Ghast-Fireball, Tnt, creeper-explosion, Other-Explosion, Enderman-grief Off, But players can still use /fireball and break the arena. Can anyone help me?
  2. Block the fireball command unless you require it for the event.
  3. I have /fireball blocked but they can still use /essentials:efireball /eseentials:fireball /fireentity /essentials:efireentity /essentials:fireentity and /efireentity.
  4. Deny them permission in the permissions.yml file would probably be your best bet and if they need to use it somewhere else change their rank to a rank that has that permission :D
  5. Or if your using pex you can block it in a SPECIFIC. WORLD. so you can remove their entire permission all together just in that world.
  6. Block those aswell then
  7. Ok well I guess you could say what I said.
  8. I meant in that region, using world guard