Spigot Regionerator 2.3.0

Gradual deletion of unvisited terrain

  1. That appears to be an entirely different plugin that for whatever reason decided to use a non-unique name, unfortunate. Either way, since it seems to use WG for all actual claim management, Regionerator should support it via the WG hook, yes. Be sure to test claims using /regionerator check to ensure that a hook is picking up on them.
  2. Will this delete my entire world because its showing it has deleted 21/159593 regions and there are 159572 regions in my region folder in the world folder. I do not want the plugin to delete my world lmao I have been recording data since December 4th.

    *edit corrected the number of regions in my region folder*


    This is what my Regionerator flags folder looks like

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  3. The numbers on the left represent progress of checks. Regionerator only deletes area that is eligible based on being unvisited and unprotected.
    If you don't want area deleted, why are you using this plugin?
  4. Okay thanks just checking it wasnt gonna wipe my world lmao. and i do want regions deleted but only the un used ones haha I saw that number and though my world was gonna go.
  5. Hi, I set delete-new-unvisited-chunks to false to pregenerate my chunks whith ChunkMaster but it seems that new generated chunks are deleted... Have u any idea why ?
  6. Were the chunks generated before Regionerator was installed? You can check a chunk's status via /regionerator check, though you should enter spectate before doing so to prevent the chunk being flagged as visited.
  7. @Jikoo
    If you want to integrate with other plugins, check
    My plugin is designed to regenerate areas based on seed of world, not delete, but it has hooks for WG, Factions, Towny, RedProtect and GriefPrevention you could borrow from.
  8. That's kind of you, however, I already have hooks for all of those plugins.
  9. =P Sorry.... misread the post above regarding Landlord & WG.
  10. Any way to force start the world deletion? With the marked flags of course.
  11. Regionerator checks if a cycle is eligible to start on startup and then periodically after that.

    If you're asking if you can enable flagging and then just skip the gather period, technically yes, but no, the reason the gather period is there is so that the flags are actually an accurate representation of player activity. If you start it straight off the bat without ample flagging time you may as well just not enable flagging at all.
  12. LoneDev


    Hello @Jikoo is it normal that in nether world chunks with buildings (no claim) gets deleted even if users states that they visited it only 2 days ago?
    They also said they visited it for more than 25 seconds.

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Code (Text):
    # Regionerator configuration
    chunk-flag-radius: 3
    seconds-per-flag: 25
    minutes-per-flag-autosave: 15
    days-till-flag-expires: 20
    delete-new-unvisited-chunks: true
    ticks-per-deletion: 10
    chunks-per-deletion: 256
    hours-between-cycles: 24
    allow-concurrent-cycles: false
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end
      ASkyBlock: false
      Factions: false
      Feudal: false
      GriefPrevention: true
      Kingdoms: false
      Landlord: false
      Lands: false
      PreciousStones: false
      RedProtect: false
      Residence: false
      Towny: false
      WorldGuard: true
      VanillaSpawnProtection: true
    debug-level: LOW
      world: 1583846084034
      world_nether: 1583846084034
      world_the_end: 1583846084034
  13. Nope, that wouldn't be normal. I would only expect that to be possible if Regionerator was unable to complete saving flags for some reason, such as an unexpected shutdown. I probably should be storing info about the last delete of a chunk to help in situations like this, because unfortunately there's little I can do here to help you check anything. It would also allow me to prevent players suffocating in walls on login after a long absence.
  14. Tonight regionerator had started the deletion task after gathering data.
    I've set 40 days of expiration of the flags.
    Results? I have lost about 80% of my world map, even houses of players that have started to play today.

    I've used this plugin so many times before the 2.0 release and everything has worked fine. But at this time (and as I said in one of my ignored old posts) The impression is that the plugin does not save flags correctly, so it deletes useful chunks too.

    I'm really disappointed and this issue probably will kill my server. I hope you'll check and fix soon
  15. I'm sorry to hear that you experienced this. I have been unable to reproduce issues with flag saving beyond one server hang during a conversion process that was not ever present in a release build. If you have any error logs or server hangs due to Regionerator saving flags, please feel free to post them. I have been running the various 2.0.0 betas in a production environment following testing, and have not seen anything similar occur.

    I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but there's a reason the first thing on the plugin page is a disclaimer saying to use a backup plugin. Regionerator is dangerous. You should be keeping regular backups even without Regionerator present.
    Per a search, I have responded to all of your messages in this thread. You not replying to my questions does not mean that your post was ignored.
  16. I'm sorry, I was a little bit angry because of the data loss.
    But you're right, the fault is also mine because I didn't make backups as recommended.

    I'll still use regionerator, because to me is an essential plugin, but with regular backups.
  17. LoneDev


    That would awesome and would fix these unexpected deletions / players deaths.
  18. I agree and I really hope this plugin can cool off my disk for backups at a remote location since I am literally increasing my backups size by 100's of MB a DAY due to all of the wild teleporting. So that would a safe fail feature that could be very much needed at one point or another.
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