Spigot Regionerator 2.3.0

Gradual deletion of unvisited terrain

  1. Awesome hopefully we can get this and the other fixes in sooner or later to make this plugin much more stable during unexpected shutdowns and less performance impacting.
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    I hope you will implement this feature and the other one requested before :D
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    @Jikoo sorry again for the new tag... but I have a big problem, in 2 days 3 users reported that half of their house got reset (half was not claimed with GriefPrevention) even if 20 days were not passed.

    this is my config:
    Code (Text):
    # Regionerator configuration
    chunk-flag-radius: 3
    seconds-per-flag: 25
    minutes-per-flag-autosave: 15
    days-till-flag-expires: 20
    delete-new-unvisited-chunks: true
    ticks-per-deletion: 10
    chunks-per-deletion: 256
    hours-between-cycles: 24
    allow-concurrent-cycles: false
    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end
      ASkyBlock: false
      Factions: false
      Feudal: false
      GriefPrevention: true
      Kingdoms: false
      Landlord: false
      Lands: false
      PreciousStones: false
      RedProtect: false
      Residence: false
      Towny: false
      WorldGuard: true
      VanillaSpawnProtection: true
    debug-level: LOW
      world: 1583846084034
      world_nether: 1583846084034
      world_the_end: 1583846084034
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  4. That sound very scary, I might need to abort using this plugin if they don't address this right away. I just don't know what i would do about the storage space though. Backups taking like almost 2GB EACH now.
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    3GB each is nothing, mine are 10GB
  6. Goodness that's must be quite expensive for remote backing up, short of a local disk and doing it like 4x a day I don't see how that could works.

    Since I am on a managed VPS I am kinda limited on options though. So i gotta push them to a remote location. The cheapest I found was 2.50 for 100GB but a 250GB is 7 and 500GB is like 12 dollars! Right now not even a 500GB would do it and I can't afford that!

    So I gotta reduce space otherwise I don't know what I can do, so I kinda need this plugin to do that but if it too dangerous to use I don't know if there other options to do the same...
  7. If you randomly sample chunks, does visit status look correct? I should include a visit expiration timestamp with that command, that would help a bit. Unfortunately I don't have much else assistance to offer, the debug is pretty ineffective in this case because the number of chunks being checked makes it unrealistic to expect to sift through logs.
    That's pretty tiny, honestly. I started writing Regionerator when I was doing backend work for a server whose backups were pushing 30GB, Regionerator pulled them back to under 15GB.

    If you're worried about using Regionerator, you can always delete region files based on last modification date in your start script. It won't respect claims and it won't get individual chunks, but it'll be consistent. Theoretically you could actually script in dropping individual chunks, but the simple way to do that doesn't save disk space until the region containing the chunk is loaded, so it doesn't really matter much.

    Edit: For example, a simple script to delete regions modified more than 30 days ago:
    Code (Bash):
    regionFolders=("./world/region/" "./world_nether/DIM-1/region/" "./world_the_end/DIM1/")

    for regionFolder in "${regionFolders[@]}" ; do
        find $regionFolder* -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \;
    I'm sure it could be made more compact, I'm far from a bash expert, but there're plenty of "safe" ways to do the dangerous work.
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    I use EasyBackups as backup system, it uploads directly to dropbox account, I'm using the free dropbox 30 days one with infinite TB of space, lol.
    Btw you should try to click banner in my signature, they are pretty cheap and have infinite SSD space.

    I don't understand what you mean, by the way for now I disabled the plugin as it happened multiple times per week.
    Luckly I have CoreProtect and I managed to restore part of the chunks.

    Note that I also tried to delete "delete-this-to-reset-plugin" but the problem occurred again after some time
  9. Sorry to have left you sitting for a bit, I'm surprisingly swamped despite shutdowns.

    /regionerator check shows the visit status, but unfortunately in its current state the info it provides isn't super useful for debugging this particular issue. If it were an issue with any other aspect I'd say leave the plugin flagging but tweak the visit duration absurdly high so it won't run deletion, but that won't be any use if the flags are inaccurate. It does sound like visit data is not being saved, which really should only be possible in the event of an improper shutdown.

    As far as things I want to add to improve on this:
    • logging to a separate file for saving errors
    • saving queue info command
    • actual numbers, not just visit status, visible in status check

    Edit: Had an idea and found an error, should be able to push that through tomorrow. Gotta pass out now unfortunately, more fun scheduled for tomorrow.
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    Good so you found the issue? :D
    I'm not in a rush, no problem ;) I removed the plugin for now
  11. Boy was I wrong. The initial fix was simple, but without the additional info there'd be no way to double check if it was working until deletion occurred. I've had to revisit a lot of areas of the design, it was originally built to just be a much less messy version of what was already in place.
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    I will wait for a recode of the plugin patiently :D
    But I hope my HDD won't explode in the meantime xD
  13. I've pushed Beta 4 to GH if you're in urgent need. The biggest highlight is that I finally introduced checking the chunk's last modification timestamp as an additional failsafe for visitation flags (in addition to flags saving more reliably). Biggest drawback, I apparently screwed up somewhere so now cycles just run concurrently all the time. Whoops.

    I'm going to make myself an issue listing all the features I still want in the full release and flaws I found testing and then pass out, hopefully will be able to polish something up soon even though I doubt I'll manage a full-featured release in the coming few days.
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  14. Awww I am very glad your looking to get this fixed up to a better state sooner or later. But please by all means try not stress yourself out over this. We will be okay and I want to reassure you that yourself always matter to me before anything else. :)
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  15. I have a pretty solid life balance these days, don't worry. If I'm honest, the reason I pushed out beta 4 so late last night was that I was actually dragged into games with friends in the middle. I was pushing more of my free time into this because issues with areas being deleted could actually be my fault instead of players just not being as active as they thought they were. The plugin may be a little hobby project, but I've got my pride. Beta 4 is at least stable, though I do have more polish already completed at this point.
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  16. Jikoo updated Regionerator with a new update entry:

    Combined Beta 4&5

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. The reprint request he applied to you on March 12
    It's April 14 now
    I did not see any posts about this plugin in MCBBS
    If this person has been reprinted, please send a reprint link
  18. Don't know, I did at one point stumble on it by mistake but I haven't looked. If you can't find it with a quick search feel free to repost.
  19. I will reprint this afternoon
    After reprinting, I will post a repost link here
    Thanks for your trust
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