Spigot Regionerator 2.3.0

Gradual deletion of unvisited terrain

  1. You can have Regionerator attempt to delete all unprotected area by disabling player visitation in the world.
    Note that existing flags will still be around, you'd need to delete the database for on-the-fly changes like that, which will result in your other worlds needing to restart the data gathering period.
  2. Thnx you very much !
  3. I find that 1.18 will introduce a feature of blending when the world map is updated from 1.17 to 1.18. It can prevent causing visible lines on the boundary between old(1.17) and new(1.18) chunks.

    However, I do not know how the blending feature works when chunks are deleted by user or the plugin.

    Can the plugin still work well or it may affect the blending feature in 1.18 when deleting the chunks?
  4. Theoretically as the new chunks will be generated by 1.18 they should use the blending feature to attempt to match surrounding chunks. You could test this by running a deletion cycle on known area and loading the world in 1.18.
  5. Someone has done a test in the new pre-release versions of 1.18.
    He creates a world in 1.17 and update to new pre-release versions of 1.18.
    The blending feature works well.
    After that, he have used another software to delete some chunks by himself which is similar to the function of deleting chunk by the plugin.
    There are three kinds of chunk, 1.17 chunks, blended chunks and 1.18 chunks.
    If he deletes pure 1.18 chunks, there is no any problem.
    However, if he deletes 1.17 chunks or blended chunks, those chunks will regenerate with blending issue.
    The game does not attempt to blend again and the harsh chunk borders show up.

    I will wait for the main release of 1.18 to have a test by myself.
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  6. Hi, what software was that? I'm dying for that feature.
  7. Mca selector.
    It is a software that can delete any chunks you don't want by yourself.
  8. Okay. That's probably going to be a won't fix issue then - while I appreciate that blended chunks would be really nice to have generate on all borders as necessary, it's likely that the information for them is stored in NBT in another table, which means a lot more CPU/IO. I'll look into it when I have time as 1.18 approaches, but it likely will stand as an existing caveat just as it is in prior versions similar to how structure data only gets rewritten when an entire region is deleted.

    You can also use WorldEdit to mark chunks for deletion. Any deletion set up takes effect on server startup prior to world load to guarantee success. It does the same thing that Regionerator does, albeit ever-so-slightly less optimized for batch jobs.

    I've debated offering this style as an option to guarantee success in harder-to-hit areas like spawn chunks but ultimately decided against it due to the delay between determining if deletion should run on area and the actual deletion occurrence. Great for manual usage though!

  9. About 1:00, there is some the information about the blending technology.
    It seems that there is saved data that affects the blending feature.
  10. Getting chunks to generate with that blending data would likely involve editing surrounding chunks as well unfortunately. Based on that it's definitely something I won't be fixing as it would require parsing and rewriting the entire region file instead of the small bit Regionerator edits.
  11. anyone has tried this in 1.18?
  12. If I want to delete every chunks without residence before updating to 1.18,
    I should stop anyone to join inside the server, set worlds.<worldname>.days-till-flag-expires to be 0 to disable flagging entirely and wait for deletion?
  13. 1) close your server for a day or two
    2) enable the residence hook
    3) delete your data.db into the regionerator folder
    4) set the flax expiration by 1 day
    5) start the server and wait for the deletion (or maybe if you don't want to wait just set to 1 the next cycle value in the data.yml file)
  14. Should I set the flag expiration by 0 day?
    It should start directly to delete the chunks without residence?
  15. Yes, along with deleting data.db to remove existing flags.

    While I have not personally tested it, 1.18 did not change the chunk header format based on everything I've read, so Regionerator should function as usual.
  16. I would like to ask questions.
    Someone told me that she saw the plugin officially dropped residence support in github before.
    I am using 2.3.0 version.
    The plugin still shows that chunk can be protected by Plugin:Residence.
    In the log, I find that protection hook does not work at first.
    [00:06:19] [Server thread/INFO]: [Regionerator] Enabling Regionerator v2.3.0
    [00:06:19] [Server thread/WARN]: [Regionerator] Protection hook for Residence failed usability check! Deletion is paused.
    [00:06:19] [Server thread/INFO]: [Regionerator] Enabled protection hook for WorldGuard
    After that, the protection hook works after residence is enabled.
    [00:06:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [Residence] PlaceholderAPI was found - Enabling capabilities.
    [00:06:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [Residence] Enabled! Version by Zrips
    [00:06:32] [Server thread/INFO]: [Regionerator] Enabled protection hook for Residence
    I do not see any more other errors or warns in the log about Regionerator and Residence.

    Does it mean that the plugin still support hook of residence?
    Is it possible to keep supporting the hook of residence again?
    Because I really need the support of the hook of the residence.

    One more question is why the visitstatus is visited but not protected as the chunk is protected by hook such as Worldguard?
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  17. Ahoy,
    I'd want to do some cleanup of the map. Is there a way to trigger cleanup on all unprotected and nonvisited chunks?
    I added the plugin a few days ago, told the players to wander or claim (towny) the areas they don't want to lose, and protected (worldguard) some important areas.
    I edited the data.yml file and set the next cycle to 1, but nothing has been deleted. Can this be done?

  18. I modified the worlds in config.yml to achieve quick deletion

    world_nether: #<< You can change the world you want to delete
    days-till-flag-expires: 0