Spigot RegionFly 1.2

Allow flight in certain WorldGuard regions

  1. DaChiimp submitted a new resource:

    RegionFly - Allow flight in certain WorldGuard regions

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  2. I need a 'RegionNoFly' plugin...you plan to make this, don't you?
  3. As in the fact of the opposite of this? You can fly in all regions apart from the ones added?
  4. yes;), you plan to make it?
  5. I mean that players can fly everywhere if they have permission but not in the region i added'.
  6. I don't see why not, can just copy the code and altar it slightly very easily. I'll get to work either later on or tomorrow. Depends how busy I am.
  7. ok, thx!;)
  8. Good plugin! Would it be possible that make the players don't die when they enter a non-fly region due to fall damage?