Spigot RegionKey 1.1

Create regions that can only be entered with a key or the permission.

  1. VinceGhi submitted a new resource:

    RegionKey - Create regions that can only be entered with a key or the permission.

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  2. Would be cool if the key will be craftable so there are no needs for commands. Also Regioncreater gets enterpermission or do I have to give it out?
  3. I think i could add a config where you can create a recipe for the different keys. I think about it. Thanks for the idea. :)

    On default only opped player can create a region and enter every region without a key. That is btw only the case if you don't use a Plugin that manages the permissions. If a player is not opped than he needs a key to enter the region once. I also thought about keys that give permanent permission to a region.
  4. Do you use Worldguard in any way? Maybe it is easier to do the Regionstuff and the permissions with this?
  5. Nope. I don't use Worldguard. :) Maybe it is easier but i want to programm nearly everything by myself.

    I have to say that the permissions are easie. If a player is opped he can create regions, enter regions without key and create keys. If a player is not opped he needs permissions for each of this functions.

    Sorry but i don't see a problem with this way of handling the permissions. ^^ It's the same like in every Plugin ever made.
  6. Sorry, I think I was not clear enough about permissions, but I am not able to spell it right now, I am very busy at work now :oops: