Spigot RegionRaid 1.1.0

Control raids with a simple WorldGuard region flag

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    RegionRaid - Control raids with a simple region flag

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  3. using everything current, and the flag didnt show up, i assume it is drag and drop, then /rg info and it should show up?
  4. Was there any messages in the console on start-up? If it works, you'll usually see it with /rg flags and custom flags are on the bottom of the last page.
  5. 18.09 05:52:50 [Server] Server thread/INFO [RegionRaid] Loading RegionRaid v1.1.0

    checked on the list, i see flags for protections stones and such, but nothing about raids :(

    did a search for the word "raid" in the log and the line above is the only one.
  6. Alright. Guess to sort out what may have went wrong, when you list plugins, does RegionRaid show up in red or green? Green should indicate that it's enabled. Red means it's disabled for some reason. If it doesn't show in the list at all, then the server isn't even trying to load it.
    Also, would you mind sending the output of /version and /version WorldGuard

    Usually I'd ask for the list of plugins you use, but I can't think of why anything would possibly interfere with registering a custom flag.

  7. WorldGuard version 7.0.0;02b731f

    18.09 15:14:35 [Server] Server thread/INFO This server is running CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-9de398a-9c887d4 (MC: 1.14.4) (Implementing API version 1.14.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    18.09 15:14:35 [Server] Server thread/INFO You are 64 version(s) behind

    my host only seems to have 1.14.4 listed, so i have no clue how to upgrade the version of spigot, i looked to DL it and ofc they didnt make it simple :/ Also yes, i see it showing as red in the /pl list
  8. 1.14.4 is fine, it's the current release version. The problem is that some stuff I use in this plugin was added after 1.14.4. So you'd not only need 1.14.4, but a new build of it (so 64 versions behind is probably too old).

    If you're not comfortable with the Spigot build tools, then there's also PaperMC, which is an optimized branch of Spigot. They allow you to download a .jar, and it basically patches itself up when it runs so it's not distributing Mojang's code illegally.
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  9. got paper, issue is resolved, thank you :)
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  10. LoneDev


    Hey @OffLuffy do you know if this is compatibile with 1.15.2?