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  1. Hello Guys,

    i created a Custom-Entity-Class which i spawn with the following code:

    World w = ((CraftWorld) Bukkit.getWorld("world")).getHandle();
    CustomMob z = new CustomMob(w, p.getLocation());

    After a restart the Entity is a normal Zombie (the Mob extends from a EntityZombie) which attacks Player(this is disabled in my CustomMob.class).
    Then i started to search and found this code:



    Map<Object, Type<?>> types = (Map<Object, Type<?>>) DataConverterRegistry.a().getSchema(15190).findChoiceType(DataConverterTypes.n).types();
    types.put("minecraft:" + key, types.get("minecraft:" + extend));
    EntityTypes.a(key, EntityTypes.a.a(entityclass, function));

    Now, after a Restart the Zombie is despawned.

    CustomMob.class - Class::new functions
    public CustomMob(World world, Location loc) {
    public CustomMob(World world) {

    Please Help,
    ~ Apple
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  2. Problem isnt solved yet.
    How can i fix that Problem?
  3. PikaMug

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    I don't see a question here. What are you seeking help with? Are you trying to keep the custom Zombies from despawning? If so, there are plenty of reasons they might disappear. You could try assigning names to the Zombies to give them priority, call setRemoveWhenFarAway(false) from the EntitySpawnEvent, and/or simply save your entities to a file onDisable and check whether they're present onEnable (and if not, respawn them).

    Also, please use code brackets for the sake of readability.
  4. Does your custom mob have a constructor with one parameter the world?
  5. @ysl3000

    public CustomMob(World world) {

    Yeah, because the registerEntity() funtion needs it.

    @HappyPikachu i'll try the setRemoveWhenFarAway() funtion.
  6. You just need to register the entity in the mc registry material/EntityTypes in the onEnable method. setRemoveWhenFarAway will not solve the problem.

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  7. @Il_totore
    Where i register that? I used this Method but after that and a restart the Entity is removed.

  8. Are you in 1.13 or + ?
  9. @Il_totore I'm using Spigot 1.13.2 (lastest) Build.
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  10. @Il_totore Did you find something or know how i register that Entity?
  11. No. 1.13 remaked the EntityType registrring
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