Regular Default ranks can ban? Group Manager

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  1. Hey, for some reason my players are allowed to ban other people, do /kill, etc. I checked my groups.yml file and went on to Default, and I saw there were no bans. How can I fix this?

    Here is how my groups.yml looks...
  2. Default inherits Head-builder is what im guessing. And Head-builder inherits moderator.
    1. - g:groupmanager_default
    2. - g:bukkit_default
    3. - g:essentials_default
    4. - g:towny_default
    5. - head-builder
    Could be one of your inheritance groups, most likely head-builder.
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  3. You have it set so the default rank inherits the 'head-builder' rank, and since the head-builder rank has perms to /tempban and also inherits the moderator rank which gives access to /ban.
    Code (Text):
        - g:groupmanager_default
        - g:bukkit_default
        - g:essentials_default
        - g:towny_default
        - head-builder
    tl;dr - Remove head-builder from the default ranks inheritance.
  4. Lol it worked, im so dumb :p