Regular TPS Drops after 20+ Hours of Uptime

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    The following timings report was taken as the TPS dipped below 15.


    We are on out 15th Map, this has never happened before. Our Hardware is top-of-the-line and should be sufficient enough to maintain a high TPS as it has in the past.

    This happens regularly and I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of the TPS Drops. I have to restart the server - which fixes the TPS.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    You do have lots going on...what is that 80+ plugins?

    The fat source or your lag, based on the limited timings, was massive IronGolem farms in the End (with lots of hoppers) and generally speaking you had a lot of dropped items to tick in all worlds. The fact that you only have lag after a long period, means that these are likely the main reason for the lag after they have had adequate time to stack up item drops and IronGolem spawns.

    Also, the ForceField listener in CombatTagPlus is heavier than NCP's tracking of player critical is that process?
  3. Yeah we do have a lot of plugins haha.

    I'll adjust my ClearLagg config to remove all mobs and entities more regularly.

    I've noticed it has shown regularly on each Timings Report I have made, but due to there not being any viable options out there - good alternatives to CombatTagPlus, I haven't been able to change the plugin.
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    Mainly its all those endermans/irongolems/zombies/etc in your worlds.
    Edit your clearlag config so when it gets below a TPS of 16, it will do /lagg killmobs

  5. Use an auto restart plugin for time and optimize your spigot.yml and bukkit.yml
  6. Use crontab rather than a plugin.
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  7. How is a cron job going to help?

    I agree with the auto restart plugin. I made my own that restarts every night during off peak hours and it works brilliantly.
  8. Can you make the command /timings on and 5 minutes after /timings paste, and send us the link to know the exact origin of the problem
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  9. He did use /timings and linked it in first post. It's just a newer version that isn't in Spigot. V2 shows more detail than Spigot's V1.
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  10. Minecraft::tickEntity - nms.EntityItem
    count(5701182) total(14.91% 53.454s, 26.23% of tick)
    avg(0.01ms per - 13.11ms/1,398.72 per tick)

    There will be quite a lot of items on the ground, the clearlagg plugin could help
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  11. I was on about the restart plugin strictly.
  12. PvPManager is a decent alternative, while it does not have the ForceField, it does PREVENT players from going to SafeZones while in PvP by pushing them back.
  13. ...what???

    I suggest just adding your own plugin that will auto restart during non-populated hours.
  14. What do you mean? I suggested another CombatTag plugin as he said he did not know any good alternatives to CombatTagPlus.
  15. Oh, sorry, I didnt that post.
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