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  1. Hello guys! With inappropriate usernames coming somewhat an I have decided to email Mojang and hope to engage in a needed change on the current filter for usernames. In the server I currently work with the admin team, owners and I have come to the conclusion that this issue does rely on Mojang itself. I would like to see what you all think about this. If you would like to view the email here it is in a Pastebin:
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    I am trying to figure out what the problem is here? Users should have the ability to choose any username they wish, regardless of its maturity. Censoring usernames on a game as large as Minecraft would be nearly impossible, especially with all the current usernames already floating around. Yes, Minecraft is meant to be a family friendly game. However, when you start censoring usernames based on religion, race, or how appropriate it is ruins the game for a lot of people. People need to understand what they are exposing themselves to when they go online.
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  3. I don't feel it should be the individual server's responsibility to do this. We are subject to our own rules and so does Mojang. Mojang blocked the name AdolfHitler, but if you have a name with ni***r then that's totally fine. They should remove the filter and let people choose whatever name they want if that's the case if they're gonna block some names, but not others.
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