Relatively easy plugins to make?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Sai, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sai


    I am new to Java and the Spigot API, are there any genre of plugins that I can practice with making relatively easy?
  2. try making plugins like a staff list or something like that the hard topics would be:

    1. inventories
    2. items
    3. entities
    4. minigames

    so stay away from the above until you feel confident with making other types of plugins, my two free resources are a great start actually, you can have a look in the code with a program if you want just don't copy and paste ;)

    another good idea if you get stuck making a plugin is to go to github and search up plugins, lots of people like to share their source code of their plugin so that other people can help fix it and check to see if there are any bugs :). Good luck in your future of plugin making :D.

    P.S you have said you are new to java aswell, so it would be best if you learn java FIRST! you could learn java off of these websites
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  3. Broadcast
    Clear inventory

    Once you get those, maybe muting, homes, customisable join/kick/death messages and command cool-downs.
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  4. Start wich some commands, adding permission, my first plugin was give health to a player. When i start creating plugins for bukkit, i don't know nothing of java, i learnd java for do plugins.
  5. Sai


    When I said new I mean like, not advanced stuff, I took classes and such so I know syntax and most everything but I cannot make advanced programs. I will try and make a more customizable stafflist perhaps
  6. JoinMessages, LeaveMessages
    Play around with events, get to know them all. i loved that when i started :)
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  7. like i said, feel free to look around my 2 plugins i have posted for ideas/ways of doing things your allowed to open my jar up to see the code, just don't copy the code and re post the plugin :)
  8. I would recommend looking on Bukkit at the plugin requests, normally they have simple ones being requested.
  9. I hate to advertise, but I have a Spigot plugin creation series on my YouTube channel, it will hopefully help you get better with the API and give you ideas for the future.

    I also upload daily :p