Releasing private plugin to large amount of servers

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  1. Hi,

    What are you guys using to release an update of a private plugin specifically made for a server network to a very large amount of servers? I currently have 3 servers (expanding very fast very shortly) that all need the same plugin but I want them to update it themselves. What is the ideal way to deal with this situation without doing it manually? I would love to hear your suggestions!

    - Zandor300
  2. Bungeecord if I have read your post correctly.
  3. In the startup script of my servers i use it to copy the same spigot jar to all of my servers i used
    rm -v spigot.jar
    cp -v /home/nick/spigot.jar .

    for a plugin you could use

    rm -v ./plugins/PLUGINNAME.jar
  4. You could host a /latest/plugin.jar on a web server and use a bash script to fetch this every so often (crontab).
    Maybe a symlink if the servers are on the same box?

    You could also combine the two. If all of your Minecraft servers are hosted together, you could have a /latest/ directory within the server and let bash scripts fetch the latest plugin from there.
  5. he/she wants it private.
  6. That doesn't change anything, restricted web server access is easy. Obviously it is less secure but I'd imagine it would be fine. Security wise, you're right, a open web server wouldn't be very good unless you setup strict access.
  7. @Cewlt @nick2017 That are great ideas! But I was thinking about the Java plugin updating itself. Do you guys know how I would be able to do that without creating any wrappers/bash scripts? Could I just replace the jar of the plugin and restart the server without any problem? I currently get errors about classes that aren't found when I upload the plugin while the server is running and then restart the server. Will this not occur when I replace the jar server side and then restart?
  8. Such as fetching the latest jar from a URL within the plugin? It can work, but you'll need to be careful about when you do it. Maybe on plugin disable?
  9. PhanaticD


    if you make a folder called "update" in the plugins folder, any jars you put in there will replace any in the plugins folder with the same name on startup
  10. (FYI it is a minigame plugin)
    I was thinking after every minigame that is played... Would that work out?

    Is that a native spigot/bukkit feature? If so, I've never heard about it!

    Or just don't port forward the web server :) (Servers are on a private network) But I eventually will go to a dedicated box somewhere where this could get in handy! Thanks!

    Also please nobody go crazy for using my own network for this because I have like 250 mbit up/down which should be fine...