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  1. I'm not looking for a host for anything big, there will be a resource world and the main world, possibly a sky block if it's wanted. It'll only be for ~10 people and the only mods used will be for grief protection and a couple for convenience. Any suggestions on how many gb of ram I should be looking for for something like this, and recommendations on hosting companies would be great!

  2. @DropTheHood owns a server hosting company called Snownode. $3 a GB and the owner is friendly! I recommend Snownode
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  3. Hello. Got discord?
  4. I do, I see you're either with or using Snownode, that's on my list of ones to check out :).
  5. At 10 people what host you use doesn't matter too much, with any reputable host it should work fine (provided they have basics like uptime and backups etc)
  6. I would just rather not choose one randomly and find they shut down a few months later. One with a good reputation and where I get the most for my dollar would be ideal.
  7. ExtraVM is pretty much the best you'll find for the price. The hardware is pretty solid. And their staff, from the reviews I heard, is pretty good.
  8. I suggest I was with them for almost 2 years but left because I bought a dedi server from a different host
  9. I ended up going with Clovux, thank you all for your answers :).
    It's good the owner's friendly and it's cheap
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