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Which host? (Reliability and price)

  1. peachyhost

  2. theminecrafthosting

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  3. pebblehost

  4. fallout-hosting

  1. Hey everyone! I have four hosts I'm stuck within, and I need as cheap as possible, but yet I don't want to be scammed. That's why I'm asking you for your opinions. I don't need that much help on the server- I just want a reliable and cheap host that will not scam.

    Host #1. // I got a promo code, now it's $1 for 2gb and unlimited player slots - and proximcloud webhosting? Seems like a lot for this little of a price. And it also is a nice website. Don't know if I should trust.

    Host #2. // I got a promo code, now it's $1.56 for 2gb and unlimited player slots. However, I heard that the reviews are very bad.

    Host #3. // Another promo code, now it's $1.80 for 2gb and unlimited slots.

    Host #4. // No promo code ): $2.00 for 2gb + 50 player slots. It seems the most professional with buycraft and enjin premium 45 day addons too

    The reason I'm being so cheap is that I'm using my parent's money and not my own. If they get scammed, I'll be in trouble so - what should I choose? (I need to make the server today)
  2. Just don't go with a host which has a bad reputation. Perhaps you didn't take a look into shockbyte?

    You should post your budget so that other people might recommend you a different host which could more fit into your budget etc.
  3. Budget is $1-$3/month
  4. Is there an option for none?
  5. Are none of them good?
  6. I heard that a refund policy makes it reliable, do you know if any of these hosts have a refund policy?
  7. You could checkout OMG hosting and they will give you a deal if you contact them.

    As for the ones you mentioned, I will say this. Your better off throwing your money in the toilet then going with theminecraft Hosting.
  8. Mylescomputer


    If you're using your parent's money I wouldn't suggest any of those.

    • The price you pay per GB is too low - There's cheap RAM and then there is overselling, this means when you're paying for 2gb there might not even be 2gb available because someone else is using it. If the price per GB is less than $2 without a doubt it's overselling.
    • Even when you're getting cheap RAM sometimes it means nothing, while Minecraft does use a lot of RAM for chunks what's the point in having 16gb RAM if the server has the processing power of a potato? (From what you've listed, there's no CPU guarantee at all)
    • Most of these hosts use a template, it's the kind of host I expect to be run by a teenager in their bedroom (which you might not have an issue with). Personally, I'd want a host which is professional and would be a registered company.
    • I had a quick look down the hosts, and none of them is older than 2 years. What's to stop them running away tomorrow? (They're already selling stuff on the cheap)

    What would I suggest?

    Probably something like ShockByte, you're paying very little so the support isn't going to be the best in the world (If you have a more premium host they'll probably spoonfeed you if something breaks).
  9. So /none/ of them are good? I'll take a look at shockbyte.
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  10. If you have any questions about Shockbyte, you’re welcome to ask here and I’ll keep an eye on the thread. Otherwise you can contact the live chat on our website which is online 24/7. :)
  11. Got shockbyte, thanks so much guys!
  12. Personally I would've taken a vps from OVH
  13. In my opinion I would have be going with!
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  14. Why not ask them all for a test server and see how they perform? ;)
  15. I have good experience with Pebblehost

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