Reload MCMMO Files? Quick Question!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Joedon, May 21, 2016.

  1. What is the command to reload MCMMO files? I'm extremely new to this plugin (PS I looked through the command list and couldn't find it)

  2. What do you mean reload files? Let all players start over?
  3. No literally reload the configs
  4. There was a plugin called RcMMO once, I don't know if it is still continued.
  5. Are you talking about wiping them?
  6. Just use /reload while testing and restart your server when you're finished?
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  7. He's talking about reloading the configuration. As in you edit the config a little. And do /mcmmo reload. It reloads the plugin for a sec. Many plugins have this but not mcMMO.
    Like /featherboard reload <-- deloads and reloads the plugin.
  8. Yeah I know what you mean but wanted to make sure, I don't think the new version of Mcmmo is supported by the plugin Rcmmo but you can give it a try.. Onky at your own risk though.
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  9. That's never a good idea.

    So what I'm hearing there is no way to reload it without a restart right?
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  10. Pretty much yeah... Yet Restarts are always pretty good anyhow. Unless you're trying to have other players on at the same time... :/
  11. Why not?

    That's called the /reload command :p