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  1. I Need help making a simple /rl plugin i dont know how to do it im just starting and i want a more efficient way to reload than the default im a new developer im just learning java i dont know how all i know is that its bukkit.reload
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    Have you ever written and compiled a plugin before? Start with a simple "hello world" rather than a reload command if you haven't.
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  3. I Have made a simple hello world i actualy just found out how lol so far ive made /heal /help /rl antibuild and join/quit messages im new but i know the well almost the basics these are al part of my FTMain Ft means FlaresToast witch is my server
  4. Pfft :p
  5. What do you even want the /reload command to do? The built in one works fine (The command is not recommended to be ran though as it can break some plugins)
  6. Because its more clean and faster
  7. Lol sorry if that sounded like a brag Josh
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  8. You didn't fully answer my post (What do you even want the /reload command to do?). Also I suggest you learn Java and the Spigot API. No one is just going to give you the full code, if they do you won't learn anything. Also it seems pointless to rewrite /reload. It reloads plugins by disabling them and re-enabling them. I don't see how it can be more efficient.
  9. wwll its not more clean and faster its just i like having the message idk why but it really bugs me on the default message
  10. i want it to reload the server and i am currently learning java and the Bukkit API