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    I am currently using Staminus for all my servers + protection. They have really great support and everything, but due to the never-ending connection issues am I experiencing with them (it seems like this literally only happens to me) I am completely redoing my entire infrastructure next month and moving all my boxes to PNAP and am searching for remote DDoS protection.

    Just wondering if anyone here has had a good experience with any specific remote DDoS protection. I was originally planning on using Javapipe, but it seems they are not as reliable as I thought after reading up on them a bit. (and no, do not recommend me solveddos)

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  2. PNAP is running their data center with Brocade equipment, and running VCS (Brocade Ethernet Fabric technology) on some VDX boxes. I likey.
  3. Collinpotato i love ur servers (mintime) but can u restart there is a problem the game keeps on freezing every 5 seconds and this is happening to everyone.

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    FreakingEpic This post, although completely unrelated to the thread, is a very good example of why I am switching hosts.
  5. Ok so whats the new host and btw do u have any other servers besides mine time
  6. Im creating a server so i want a heads up for which host to choose
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    MaxDev Looks good, thanks.
  8. Ill try using on my server. Thnx MaxDev
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    Oh wow. My "connection issues" were due to hidden Java processes using up a ton of CPU. I think I accidentally installed something I didn't want while uploading my Xenforo files or something. Seems like Staminus' network has been perfectly stable the whole time based on my bandwidth graph.