Removal of effects?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Isaacey, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. I spawn in with effects? When I clear my effects off It comes onto me again.
    How do I fully remove it?
  2. Do you have a plugin that gives you effects on join?
  3. Yeah, it's either going to be due to a plugin that you have giving players effects or you may be near an activated beacon that keeps reapplying the effects to anyone within its radius.
  4. Still haven't found a solution, I've been inactive sorry. No plugins are giving players any effects, when trying to clear my effects it comes straight back on.
  5. Does it do the same thing in a brand new world?
  6. Yes I went to the new generated world and still the effects came on.
  7. What effect is it giving you specifically? Also what plugins do you have installed?
  8. Is there a beacon around... If you have essentials /heal maybe they are effects from a old plugin that you used to have. Is it region effects? -,-
  9. There's no beacons at spawn. If it's another plugin that's caused it from the past, what would that of been? No plugins i've downloaded has been giving to give effects to players.
    Region effects I did not get.
  10. Can you please list the plugins that you are using and the effects that you are being placed on you. Its hard to help without it.
  11. My plugins;
    CustomEnchantments - Tablist - CombatTag - ClaimLevels - AsyncWorldEditInjector - AsyncWorldEdit - Void_teleport - Essentials - Multiverse-core - ProtocolLib - EssentialsChat - iConomy - PermissionsEx - CS-CoreLib - mcMMO - GAListener - Vault - HolographicDisplays - EssentialsSpawn - Citizens - WorldGuard - WorldEdit - CommandNPC
  12. It's custom enchantments. If users are spawned with a stone sword or what ever custom enchantments use to give players effects. It will give them the effect.
  13. Deleted it Custom Enchants, still have the effects..
    Also players do not spawn with a stone sword, I've already set them to have other items like Armour and a pickaxe etc
  14. If I had access to get on the server. I can probably take a look. No I don't need OP or any of that. Ill just guide you.
  15. At the moment, I can't really access my own server due to me living to far from my host and can't FTP access my files to the host which makes it not accessible to anyone.

    Also why does it give me and the players effects? So weird right