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  1. I already created this thread here:
    but md_5 unfortunately closed this thread for some reason, I dunno.
    My actual question have not been answered.
    I reported a user about a week ago in order to get the user removed from my buyer list. Nothing happend until now, so how to remove them? Furthermore I don't know who is responsable for that kind of reports.
  2. You can't remove them unless they accept your report but its pretty hard to get evidence to get them removed.
  3. There is no official documentation. A resource staff member said that they only remove buyers who are definitively proved that they are leaker, but I don't know how I could prove that definitively. Its almost not possible.
  4. Yeah, I know how you feel but i guess you have too deal with it, but I guess you can take them leaking it as a complement as it means that your plugin must be pretty good.
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  5. MiniDigger


    not really. every plugin gets leaked, some only to be able to print higher numbers on their stats page. some leaked plugins are good, the rest just fills the gap.
  6. Legoman99573


    I wouldn't rely 100% on leak checkers as someone could change it to look like another buyer leaked it, thus removing the wrong buyer. I dont think spigot will do anything about it. If they leak it, they suck tbh as they have no repects for devs.