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  1. Hello wise people. :)

    I have made a MC server for my friends and i to play on, but i want to remove diamonds from the game, so they later wil have to buy them with some kind of in game money.

    Are there any plugins that do that..

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  2. You can try Ore Control and see if that plugin can disable diamond ore from spawning in the world.

    I don’t know if there are any plugins to prevent diamonds from being in the loot tables for chests that spawn naturally in the world. You should google around to see if you find any.
  3. You can also try if someone were to mine diamonds, you can edit what they drop. For instance, dropping nothing.
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  4. Strahan


    That would seem a much easier approach than trying to retroactively remove all diamond ore from a server's map. As for the chest loot, you could listen for the inventory events and pluck the diamonds from the chests if you can figure out how to determine a "wild" chest from a player's.

    Maybe NBT tag diamonds that are purchased, then you can just wipe any diamond that is missing the tag. Block NBT data doesn't persist, but I think item tags do.