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  1. Hello,

    I can't find an option to where I remove the "You have 0 new mail" when logging in!

    Please some guidance? :)
  2. I don't think there is a specified part of the config to disable this message so to get rid of it you have two options, either disable the mail command in the essentials config, or change the message in the essentials messages config
  3. If your using EssentialsX, which you should be because its the better.. more updates/improved version of essentials

    There is a section in the config to disable it.

    p.s I'm quite sure this wasn't available within the original essentials plugin config.
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  4. There is actually a way to do this, in the config there should be a mail command that you can disable.
  5. I believe this way would disable the command totally not just disable the no mail login message. At least you have some options what you can use from depending on your intended outcome @SophieOGrace
  6. Thanks for the answers guys! :)
  7. How more specifically do I disable mail completely using the regular essentials? It's never of much use anyways.
  8. There is an option where there is a long list of things you can disable, just remove the # before mail
  9. Code (Text):
    # Disabling commands here will prevent Essentials handling the command, this will not affect command conflicts.
    # You should not have to disable commands used in other plugins, they will automatically get priority.
    # See to map commands to other plugins.
      - Mail
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  10. Thank you for your help!
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