Remove Player from Tab Completion

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  1. Hey,

    I am programming a Plugin that is supposed to hide a Player from the Tab Completion (Secific: a fake Player send to the Tablist). He not supposed to come up at the Tab Completion.

    For Example at the very beginning, when you open the text nemu/field of Minecraft. Is there a way to hide the player without removing him from the tablist?

    I hope someone can help me


    P.S. I know there are plugins out there but I need you coding advice!
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  2. My error
  3. I know what the too of you mean, but it is not that simple... sadly.
    I send a playerlistitem packet to the player. The packet only adds the fake player to the client. BungeeCord does not know anything about this player.

    The result is that the TabCompletionEvent either of Bukkit/Spigot/Bungeecord or whatever is not showing this.

    The Problem more or less is, that we the client is showing all player names of the tablist when using the client side tab completion. I think it is almost impossible to hide a player from there. I cannot find any packet that is modifying the tab completion on the client side.

    This post was dedicated if someone is aware of something I missed. I may should have clearify this at the beginning, I'm sorry.

    Otherwise thank you for the help @Maxx_Qc and @MrIvanPlays