Remove the Hearths from the healthbar

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  1. Dear,

    Did you know if there are any skripts, plugins, mechanics (NOT MODS) or configurations that will allow to remove hearts from the healthbar in minecraft ?

    And if yes, how?

    Best regards
  2. there isnt a way without mods (99% Sure)
  3. Choco


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  4. Not without setting their HP to 0 and hacking the server to keep them alive, no.
  5. Choco


    If you're not a developer, it would be of no use explaining it to you :p You're in the wrong section if this is not what you're looking for. Perhaps you meant to post this in Spigot Plugin Help. If you want to do this for yourself, the best way would be to have a resource pack that changes the texture of the hearts. Other than that, you really have no other option.
    (When I initially read the post, I didn't realize that you wanted ALL of the hearts gone. So yea... either a texture pack, or you can't)
  6. I'm so sorry.......
  7. Choco


    Don't be! It was a mistake, no worries. I have given you a few options, though :)