Remove vanilla attack and attack speed tooltips?

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  1. Hello! A friend and I own an RPG server, and we are currently creating items. When we created the items, we realized there were these annoying attack and attack speed tooltips that don't correspond to any of our items.

    Is there anyway to remove this, or is there a plugin that will?

    Thank you.
  2. This is client side, as far as I am aware. This would require a client-side mod to change.
  3. You want to change the damage speeds or attack damages? Get MassiveCombat by @Cayorion
    I think that is what you need.
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    MassiveCombat does allow you to configure all most all aspects of Combat in minecraft. However it does not alter the tooltips of the items. So if you are looking for something editing tooltips MassiveCombat is not what you want. MassiveCombat leaves the tooltips and actual items alone so that you can uninstall the plugin and not have loads of broken items on your server.
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    1.8PvP plugin if you use protocolsupport ;)
  6. Can you read my PM?
  7. MassiveCombat does seem good, but it costs $20. The server is currently running 1.11. I guess editing the attack damage and attack speed would work. Are there any plugins that'd do that?
  8. I don't know whether I perfectly understand what you want to do. I think your problem is as follows:
    You want to create items with special properties, like a sword with ludicrous attack speed (good way to trick 1.9 combat as well). BUT! When you give yourself such an item, the tooltip in the inventory says "Speed enchantment.lvl.100" or so. You don't want this to happen, your swords should be indistinguishable from others.
    Luckily, there is a REALLY simple way to do that: by giving your sword an NBT tag called "HideFlags". It's a flag binary; read about the meanings of the flags on, at "Display Properties".
  9. Thanks for the reply Timmy, but I'm trying to remove those tooltips that say Attack Speed and Attack Damage and all that. Like for example, I think the Diamond Axe has an attack damage of 9 and an attack speed of 1.2 or something. I'd like to remove those and add my own.
  10. Sorry for the "Necro" but as this post seems to have no answer to it and i found myself looking for this exact answer that's i'm posting here.

    So for the Answer all you need to do to Hide the Damage and Attack speed of a sword is to Add the ItemFlag HIDE_ATTRIBUTES
    so in code i would be:
    Code (Text):
    ItemMeta meta = item.getItemMeta();
  11. There is a plugin called attributehider