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  1. First of all, I'm sorry for posting in the wrong section, but I can't simply make 20 posts for posting it in "Offering - Developers", because I have nothing to post.

    I'm sooooo bored actually, and I want to make some plugins. So, if you want to ask me something, any plugin, I'll do it.
    I mean, when I have time.

    Important : I'm not a professional developer, neither I'm studying it. It's only a hobby for me, so I'll make your plugins, I'm pretty good but not good as a professional skilled developer.
    I can do almost everything. Except two things :
    - working with external APIs, because I can only use ProtocolLib, ProjectKorra and not other APIs yet(that means not CrackShot addons, no Citizens addons etc. etc.).
    - creating custom entities. NMS is a pain for me, and I hate it. And by that, I also mean ArmorStand "entities", like those :
    because they are too boring for me(I made a firefly times ago, but it was freaking boring).

    I'm actually also working on my first official plugin, but don't worry, I'll have the time to work on your plugin.
    About time required, I usually do small plugins in 1 day(things that I can do very easily), small-medium plugins in 2-3 days, medium plugins in 4-5-6 days etc. etc., but that's not guaranteed (yeah, I take a lot of time. What do you expected, from a free developer?).
    Also, feel free to ask me about my skills and my plugin.
    Usually, the first came is the first served.

    Also, I can decline your request if I think that's too hard for me.

    I also want to make a portfolio for the future, so if I make a plugin for you, I'll ask if you liked the service and if you want to get your code published(that's a your choice, I won't force you).

    If you want a big, big plugin, don't ask to me. I'm not here for working for free. I'm here for getting fun, increasing my skills and to "satisfy" you, making the little or medium plugin you want.
    So, again, if you want a big plugin, ask to a paid shop.

    And, last but not least, there are my specifics & contacts :
    My name's Daniele and I'm from Italy. There are my contacts :
    • Telegram : DanielVipx
    • Discord(I use Discord a lot more than Telegram) : DanielVip3#1716
    • Also, you can contact me on the forum.
    • I won't leave there my email, sorry. If you want to contact me by email, first send me a PM on the forum and then you'll get my email.

    If you want a plugin, simply post a reply.
    It would be nice(but not required) if you also add your contact method in the request. I mean, for example :
    I want plugin blablabla that makes blablabla with blablabla. Contact me on the forum.
    I want plugin blablabla that makes blablabla with blablabla. Contact me on Telegram/Discord, that's my account : TelegramAccountName / DiscordAccountName#DiscordDiscriminator.

    P.S. Sorry for bad english, and again sorry for posting in the wrong section.
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  2. I don't have any need for a plugin developed, but if you want a challenge and want the most unique, best, useful, impractical plugin on your portfolio:
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  3. DavidDevelops


    Please work on getting 20 posts... Or at least put it in a better place (not really make 20 posts it's easy... For the record "replies" count as posts? I'm saying this because you said its hard?)
    Edit >> "20 random posts" Maybe go into the forum and become a part of it instead of making "random posts" :/
    but "1-2 classes 200-400 lines" that... is so bad, what if it was a simple plugin with a main class event class and command class? or what if its only 200 lines of advanced code? don't judge projects by lines of code or classes
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  4. Strahan


    You seem to be overthinking it a bit. You're offering free plugins, not writing Windows here lol. Setting a license agreement and a request format seems a little ahead of things. Just post asking if anyone needs anything, look over the replies and if one sounds good then reach out and you can figure out all that other stuff down the road.

    Also it wouldn't hurt to post a resource so people can evaluate the kind of work you do.
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  5. Really? Lol, ok, I'll try to do it. Like a command /pizza with some parameters.

    I didn't say it's hard, I said that I don't want to make them. I mean, I'm not a lot active there, I don't see a way to make them, because I don't effectively need to post nothing. And, ok, I'll edit "random post".
    When I said 1-2 classes 200-400 lines... I meant MINE 200-400 lines. I'm not the best developer out of there and neither so good to make advanced code in <400 lines.

    Yeah, but I simply don't want that someone uses my plugins to lucrate. About the request format... that's only to avoid people that can't understand things, sometimes. I'll summarise the request part now, thank you for the suggestion.
    For the resource, I'm making my first plugin and it will be an innovative one(I didn't see any idea on noteblocks like mine, out there), so just wait a bit.
  6. MiniDigger


    > calls himself CEO
    > can't pay employees

    @OP: if you are bored, try to broaden your horizon. think about contributing to open source projects or even to spigot or paper itself, it might seem challenging at first, but there are many ppl who will gladly assist you and you will learn quite a bit from that.
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  7. Strahan


    The Minecraft community seems to be verily polluted with kids who want to "play business" lol. I did the same thing when I was like 12, I'm just glad that the internet as we know it wasn't around back then so my kiddie idiocy was not broadcast to the world :)
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  8. Oooh! I'm sorry! I didn't see that post and you sent me a friend request, so I wrote you a message in my language lol, I thought that you were a friend of mine on Discord(I have lots of friend requests of people that I know on games), sorry. By the way, I'll now contact you. Anyway, I suggest to remove that server invite, there are a lot of spambots out there.

    What do you mean by "contributing to spigot or paper itself"? What can I do to contribute to it? Also, I'm still learning new things, and I'm actually trying to make some side-plugins to ProjectKorra(an open source plugin).

    Happy to see that someone was like me lol, I used to play business too.
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  9. Hi,
    I think you can help me.
    I need a page that includes top football players. Readers can vote for their best player on that page. When they move the mouse across a player image, it will show some most important achievement of the player.
    I can add players to the page, but neither the readers.
    Thanks for your time, Peter
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  10. Makes me cringe everytime lol
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  11. I don't actually understand what you mean by "page", it seems that you want a website. That doesn't seem to be a Minecraft plugin lmao. Just show me what you're trying to do.
    Also, did you mean football players of the football minigame?

    By the way, I already have some plugin requests(4 to do in a few days), so don't ask more for now. I'm sorry, but they're so much lol, so wait some days. I will now "pause" the thread, any new request will not be approved, then after three or four days I'll "reopen" this thread. I mean, except Peter's request and Phoenix's request, they're in progress.
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  12. i think every1 is being mean 2 u @DanielVip3 ....

    i hve my own server also and i am ceo on there. just ignore the haters who r jellyous of ur succes
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  13. Nah, I don't think that they're mean. But, thank you for your moral support, lol
  14. MiniDigger


    You can't just call yourself CEO. I would doubt that you have a registered company, let alone actual employees. I have a company and I know that I can't randomly go around and hand out buisness cards where a label myself as CEO, lol
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  15. <offtopic>
    I'm sure he's joking, but that's something that also annoys me. Some people think it's like "I own this completely random, unofficial thing... I must a CEO". Here in the Netherlands, you're a CEO if you a certain type of registered business and you're not the only one that legally owns the company (a board of directors is what we call it, aka the chiefs). I too am a registered company, doesn't mean I call myself CEO.

    Though I gotta be honest, I don't see where the hate is coming from everyone. He wants to play around making plugins, just give him some ideas then. Sure, some parts of the thread didn't make a lot of sense such as the random CEO part as well as the contracts. You're on a forums with 450.000+ members, at least half of which are developers. You really should not worry about people stealing your code unless its a project you've really been working on for like half a year. It's simply not worth it. You should assume that everyone here on this forums is better than you and that thinks it's worth stealing someone's code (which, it honestly really isn't). If you're developer free plugins, the code is definitely not worth just stealing. In you're doing something for free, it's not super unique or special, meaning there are probably countless other people who've done it and may even have a public plugin online about it. Don't see any of the above as offensive, you just should stop worry about people stealing stuff.

    If you want some plugin ideas; make a GUI plugin or something, or some cosmetics. Anything, really. Just check the list of plugins on this forums and try to recreate things that seem interesting to you.
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  16. Thank you for explaining it. I wasn't understanding why people were saying "Huh, don't write 'do not steal my code'". Now I'll remove it. As you said, I think that it doesn't make too much sense.

    For the ideas... yeah, but they're too common(or trite, idk how to say it). I was always working on original plugin ideas, and I think that if I need GUIs, cosmetics and lot of things, I already have them. There are hundreds of plugins about that. For example : some times ago, I wanted to learn NMS just to make NPCs(no, I didn't want to make custom entities, just NPCs). Now I thought about that : I like NPCs, but there are a lot of plugins that already do that. Why should I do it? Also, it's not really easy to make them as I want. And, however, except I work on it for a lot, lot of time, it wouldn't be cool as the plugins that now exists about NPCs. So, why should I do that? But then I thought another idea, a Noteblock based plugin that is pretty innovative, and I think that, at least, someone will like it. So, why not?

    But thank you, anyway.
  17. Sent you a PM ;)
  18. There are tons and tons of resources in the inactive resources, why not try looking there for things to recreate or maintain?
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  19. make a plugin that sets the pistons max push limit plugin.

    just make it have a config file that you can change, with the value you want. and if i type * there's no limit. (also i can type w: to set what world the limit would be in.
    it would be real nice to have a working one, i tried searching a plugin like that for AGES.

    edit:make sure its 1.12 compatible if you can.
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  20. A piston push with no limit would crash any server unless protections were implemented to prevent an unlimited push.
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