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  2. Are you looking for something like an assistance mob that helps with faq's, because I knew a plugin that did this but I can't remember it and it was a while ago?
  3. Use Citizens + Denizen
  4. Denizen can do everything .. Can do commads ,, talk , chat whatever you want as long as you editted the scripts correctly.
    Denizen can help you talk without typing any commands or whatever
    Player: Hi what's the IP of this server?
    Denizen NPC : The IP is

    Check the plugin .. Its pretty cool actually
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  5. Lol .. I havent checked the script yet, hope it works
  6. Select npc first ..
    then type

    /npc assignment --set (script name)
  7. Try this script :

    then after uploading .. reload the script via /denizen reload scripts
    Then select NPC
    type /npc assignment --set Julian
Thread Status:
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