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  3. Uh, these plugins do work, if configured correctly. However, I'd highly suggest you fix your firewall.
    You can start by using IPTables to drop connections to these ports:
    Code (Text):

    C:\Windows\system32>nmap -O {urip}

    Starting Nmap 6.49BETA3 ( ) at 2015-06-30 14:37 GMT Summer Time

    Nmap scan report for ({urip})
    Host is up (0.031s latency).
    Not shown: 974 closed ports
    1/tcp     open     tcpmux
    9/tcp     open     discard
    21/tcp    open     ftp
    80/tcp    open     http
    135/tcp   open     msrpc
    139/tcp   open     netbios-ssn
    443/tcp   open     https
    445/tcp   open     microsoft-ds
    2000/tcp  open     cisco-sccp
    2001/tcp  open     dc
    2725/tcp  open     msolap-ptp2
    3000/tcp  open     ppp
    3005/tcp  open     deslogin
    3306/tcp  open     mysql
    3389/tcp  open     ms-wbt-server
    4000/tcp  open     remoteanything
    5000/tcp  open     upnp
    9998/tcp  open     distinct32
    9999/tcp  open     abyss
    49152/tcp filtered unknown
    49153/tcp open     unknown
    49154/tcp open     unknown
    49155/tcp open     unknown
    49156/tcp open     unknown
    49158/tcp open     unknown
    49159/tcp open     unknown

    I honestly don't know how one could have a server with 200+ players and not have this patched.
  4. He's using windows, iptables don't exist.
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  5. I don't fuking care, he still has a firewall that does the same thing, doesn't he? Operating system, irrelevant. Same firewall as iptables, irrelevant. Can it a block a port, relevant. I know he is running on Windows before you made that stupid post farming post, but there is no point of editing it just to change one word to firewall.
  6. Just stop. They both have the same functionally of what is needed here, and that's all that is relevant.
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  7. Your telling him to use IPTables to block the port, and when he does he's research he'll find that IPTables don't exist on Windows and come back here. That's not helpful, that's just wasting his time, where if you direct them in the right direction they won't come back asking for the correct directions. You don't tell someone to go left when they need to go right just because the roads do the same function.
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  8. Just no. Oh, what's that, alternatives for iptables on windows, so hard to find that out by what he'll be originally searching for. I already said on the first line "firewall", and so did others, which should be enough for OP to realize it's firewall related. I don't think you realize how dumb you look arguing over a name.
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  9. Thanks to all, but,
    first, i have multiple bungeecord Server.
    2 Server hosted on linux
    1 Server hosted on windows.

    My problem is, why I should drop the port (example 25565) ?.
    This block all the connections and nobody can connect.
  10. Block the port for external connections, not internal connections.
  11. You block all but 25565, for external but internal block all. Though note what other services you are using and allow those so you do not get locked out.
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  13. Not all, since services like voting and other bungeecord instances will not work.
  14. To drop incoming connections to a port, use this:
    iptables -A INPUT -m tcp -p tcp --dport {ThePortHere} -j DROP
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  16. Which ports did you block? You only need to block the backend ports (Spigot instances)
  17. That's why I said: