Rename xp level number if possible

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  1. Hello guys,
    is it possible to rename xp level to a string?

    Thank you!

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  2. Okey, going to use boss bar probably
  3. sothatsit


    You should take a look into the action bar. It places text above the player's level and is easier to use than the boss bar.
  4. I looked, but for plugin I need more like bossbar system with option to add percentage of that line.

    Maybe there is really good api & tutorial how to use it correctly?
  5. sothatsit


    There is no API for it, it is a hack done by spawning a ender dragon with a custom name and health and placing it in front of the player. If you want to use the boss bar you should probably use a plugin that does this for you and provides an API for it, such as
  6. Already tryed this, but I managed to get errors a lot wh3n creating boss bards. Is there maybe tutorial for this? Video?
  7. sothatsit


    I wouldn't know. Are you sure the plugin supports 1.11? Post the errors you recieve in the discussion of the plugin so the author can help you.
  8. Plugin is 1.8, but that API is for 1.8 as well
  9. Mas


    That's a shame, in 1.9+ bossbar api was added to make our lives easier.

    Show us your code and the errors so we can help you out.