Renderdistance, save server map localy

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by drlizard, May 16, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    it is possible, or does exist mode allowing client side map saving and then loading those chunks according to my own render distance?
    Im note sure since which MC version i have noticed that, but when i have for example render distance 20 i can see chunks that far if I was at some point close enough to get them on server render distance. But if I go to far hence lost them form my client render distance the are unloaded and I have to come to server render distance to load them again.
    So i presume they are temporarily stored in "MC RAM" then could be possible save them permanently and load them form memory. They of course wouldnt be up to date with server, but in most case it doesnt matter and always you can get closer do get newest iteration from server side, but it would improved view-distance without increasing server load.

    Does anybody tackle this idea?
  2. Yes it is possible with client mod (or even with bukkit plugin in a different way) but it could and probably would cause issues..
    Try googling around if it exists
  3. I have already searcher before i have posted here, but so far have no luck.
    So my question is more pushed to "Does anyone know about something like that?"

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