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  1. Hey all, I have a pretty big map (20k x 17k), and I was wondering if anyone knows of a plugin or program out there to replace all existing ores in the map with stone? The map is a bit over 2gb in size, so I'd prefer if I didn't have to use a program (but I will if there aren't plugins for this). The map / server is 1.15.1.

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. This is not a plugin (I don’t believe there’s a plugin that can do such a niche and resource-intensive task), but you could use MCEdit Unified to do this. Here’s a video tutorial. The tutorial I found is rather old and has poor audio quality, but hopefully it’ll help you nonetheless.

    You should be able to zoom out and select all the chunks in your entire world whilst in the chunk view mode, and then, you can use the replace feature to replace each kind of ore with a stone block.
  3. Strahan


    I hate to imagine what the save time would be on a 340 million block save, heh.
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  4. Worldpainter has that option from what i remember
  5. FAWE had an Anvil mode that writes directly to chunk files for maximum speed over a huge area, but no idea if it still works in 1.15
  6. Anvil for FAWE hasn't been available since 1.12 (it simply is not even included in the newer FAWE jars because it's outdated due to all the new changes in 1.13+), and the status on future support for Anvil has not been confirmed by the devs. Considering its been a while since it was last supported, I'd assume support for anvil in FAWE is discontinued at this point.

    There's not much hope in contacting the devs, either, considering they seem borderline unreachable and don't care about providing support despite managing a support Discord(???). According to recent views on FAWE:

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  7. Neither of these options are updated to 1.15.X yet
  8. But I have a very large area to do so and don’t really want to spend that much time manually changing my selections.
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  9. Does WorldEdit have a command to select all generated chunks?
  10. That's pretty much what he is asking for in the first post

    No, and it would create too much lag anyway
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  11. I have over a million chunks generated, which limits what I can use. I guess I’ll try and make an async block replacer.
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