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  1. Hello,

    I've been trying to reply to a thread of my OWN plugin, and it said that the thread was more than 36 days old so it was not necessary to reply to it / a reply might be considered spam.
    Since it is a plugin discussion thread (my OWN plugin discussion thread), I find it very weird that you cannot properly reply to it after a month. Can this anti-spam system be altered so you can reply to plugin threads from active plugins (aka plugins which have received an update in the last 5 month) without it being marked as spam, and eventually also reply to threads of your OWN plugins even if they're inactive without it being marked as spam?

    Thanks in advance,
    ~ bys1.
  2. Just check that box and click reply. Solved...
  3. Still marked as spam.
  4. md_5

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    Its not marked as anything.
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  5. its just a warning that the thread is older then X days without any post or something.
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  6. As far as I know if it's marked as spam the thread won't be bumped, no "foo replied to the thread bar" notifications etc
    At least my thread was not bumped
  7. electronicboy

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    Your thread isn't marked as spam, it's just a "consider your post before you actually post, do you really need to bump a thread that is a year old, or would it make more sense to create a new thread". the system isn't contextual in that it cares about who's thread it is or what section it's in, just dismiss it and it will have no effect on your post, it's just there to deter pointless thread necro
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  8. Yes, it's just a warning, about that you are trying to answer to a question / problem, what is not relevant anymore. You can normally ignore this warning, if you think your comment will be something what may help to other users.
  9. Wrong.
    The thread can be bumped any time as long as the thread isn't lock. You are sad. :/
  10. Some threads need a jump start, like too old for new content.