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  1. Hello there, i just found a cracked (offline mode) server using many leaked plugins and broke some eula rules. I don't know where to report so i did it here:

    Please make close this server, they had plugins like marry and auction from me too and says that they are selfmaked!
  2. This isn't mojang, spigot can't shut down a server/network
  3. JamesJ


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  5. 2016-05-17_20.55.18.png
    The server owner doesn't seem to know what he's doing.
    This is definitely not eula compliant...
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  6. What about contact? there doesn't appear to be any form of such...
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  7. I don't think a hosting company will check a minecraft server for compliance with mojangs eula.
    But I just reported them using the contact email of the domain name.
  8. I went on there and got banned!
  9. Screenshot?
  10. It's a cracked server, restart your router and rejoin (if you have a dynamic ip).
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  11. I hate cracked server so a advertised my server.
  12. 2 wrongs never make a right ;).
    He's wrong for not being EULA-compliant, you're wrong for advertising your server on his.
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  13. I hate cracked server.
  14. Doesn't justify your reason to advertise your server on his.
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  15. Also How would they know what i was saying i was speaking English when the server is in German.
  16. Because "" is hard to understand when you speak a different language
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