Spigot ReportGUI 1.8

A customizable reportplugin with a gui

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    ReportGUI - A simple reportplugin with a gui

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  2. Could you add custom language file, custom names in the items and MysQL support ?
  3. I can add a custom language file and custom item names, but not a mysql support.
  4. Download the newest update! You can change the reportitems.
  5. [​IMG]

    Could you put the "Report" in the folder "plugins" ?
  6. Hmm... That is strange. I will try to fix the bug.
  7. I don't see the config file can you help me ?
  8. Can you see the plugin, if you write /plugins? And which Serverversion do you have?
  9. I found it but sometimes when I use the inventory there is a message "please select a reason"
  10. Update to 1.10 plz!
  11. I will try it :)
  12. I try to fix it, check the next update ^^
  13. This message is shown if you select not a item. For Example: You click not on a slot in the inventory.
  14. Great GUI. MYSQL support would be great :)