Reporting 2 plugin leakers that shows their spigot username on video

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  1. Hello there, i'm sorry if i posting this in the wrong section but i didn't find any other way to report this.

    FIRST LEAKER (he didn't hide his Spigot username on video)
    I searched for my plugin name in YouTube, and i suddenly found a youtube video made by a Spanish youtuber saying that "30 likes and he gives the plugin totally free because it costs 11€", his spigot username literally appears in the video, he isn't even intelligent to hide it. Also appart from him saying that he will give it for free with a download link, in his title you can see appears "FREE".

    Could you please ban this person? Thanks. His spigot username is Jared890777, as you can see in the video.

    SECOND LEAKER (he didn't hide his Spigot username on video)
    Okay so, here we go with another leaker of my same plugin, he uses a leaked version and provide download it for it on the video. If you could also ban him, it would be cool. SPigot username is "Sewa"


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  2. Kinda sucks where you spend all this time supporting and developing a plugin only for someone to crack it and give it away for free
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  3. MiniDigger


    Why post this publicly? Just like, use the report button? Staff will look into it then and decide if action should be taken.
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  4. Maybe if i do it publicly, SpigotMC will finally understand that leaks are a problem, and that they should ALLOW us to put a licencing system in our plugin, to have control over all the .jars and the different servers that are being run in. As this leaks are basically are fault of that SpigotMC rules doenst allow us to implement anti-leak features.
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  5. 1. Why should SpigotMC do care about your money?
    2. If you think that you're the smartest guy who can prevent leaking, - you aren't.
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  6. 1. Doens't care if they care about your money or not, they should allow you to try to protect your work as you want.
    2. I know that all the protection can get unprotected, but its called making a leaker work HARDER and take him more TIME. Even some noob leakers surrender from trying. This will also prevent the typical phrase between server owners "hey, send me this plugin .jar please", they will send it, ill detect it, and i will be able to lock that .jar from being used.

    I have seen million of times server owners passing out a plugins .jar over Discord. Anti-leak feature will totally stop that from happening as they don't know even how to code so they won't know how to deobfuscate and remove the antileak protection.
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    This conversation has taken place here more times than I can count (not a "million" times like your plugin sharing, but still a lot).

    If you wish, you can read the arguments for and against DRMs in those threads. But they've all ended in exactly the same way this thread will. With everything the same way as it was before the thread.
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    Spigot cares about the users. DRM systems are bad for users. Thats why those rules are in. End of story.
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  9. I still don't understand why a well-made DRM system can be bad for the real customers.
  10. You know, if you don't want something to be shared, don't put it in internet.
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